"It's Not the city you love, it's the people in it." 
LA Magazine -  Best of LA issue

"Stop and plant the roses."
LA Magazine - Charity issue

"Here's to full dinner tables and empty invoices"
LA Magazine - Chef's issue

"Let your inner beauty out."
LA Magazine - Fashion issue

"If you are what you eat, make sure you are the best."
LA Magazine - Food lover's issue

"Let's look into things instead of looking at them."
LA Magazine - Plastic Surgery issue

We believe that true meaning comes when you’re willing to explore life to its depths.
We believe that what’s on the surface should incite a journey to the core.
A glance across the room is merely a path to getting lost in each other’s eyes.
The photos flipping across your screen would always look better with you in them.
It’s not just about taking the next step, it’s about running barefoot right off the edge.
Lets commit to not only looking for more out of life, but expecting more.
Lets look into things instead of just looking at them.
Lets look to create the best of something instead of just one more of them.
Lets look for meaning in everything we do, because otherwise it’s not worth doing it.
Lets look deeper.

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